Things to do in Hamar

Our hotel is only a short walk from downtown, where you can find a wide selection of sights and experiences. Visit the beach “Koigen” for a late night swim, or the cathedral “domkirkeodden” from the middle age. Ankerskogen swimming pool is a great place to spend the day, with saunas and outdoor jacuzzies.


Mjøsfronten is next to the lake Mjøsa, with a broad range of foods. There are activities both on land and in water, and areas where you can just “be”. Relax in a hammock, try some new food from the foodtrucks, try a water activity or use the sauna on the lake.

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The Olympic Hall

The Viking Ship is our closest neighbour, and hosts many different events every year. Everything from speedskating events, to the gaming event “The Gathering” or antique fairs. When staying with us, you are a short walk away from the famous Viking Ship.

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Budor skiing resort is fun for both kids and the adults. The resort has multiple sledge tracks, alpine skiing tracks and beautiful cross country skiing tracks. At the bottom of the hill, there is a cozy area where the whole family can have fun in front of a bonfire. 

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Kok Hamar

KOK Hamar is an outdoor sauna on the lake Mjøsa. Swim in the lake in the winter like in the summer, before going back in the sauna. The view you get on Mjøsa and over to Nes is quite the experience.


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Domkirkeodden is one of Norway’s biggest museums from the middle age. It holds the history from the viking age and the middle age until today. The main attraction are the ruins, protected by a glassbuilding. The museum has a total of 60 antique buildings from Hedmark. There is a yearly middle age festival arranged at the museum, where you can see, taste, hear, look and touch the middle age.

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Bike ride along Mjøsa

Bring you friends or family along on a bike ride along the paths by Mjøsa. Calm surroundings combined with popular beaches gives a good mix of experiences. There are many nice places you can eat a packed lunch or have a barbeque on the beach. On the beach Koigen, there is a volleyball court, a basketball court and a skatepark you can use.

CC Stadion

 CC Hamar is Hamar’s biggest shopping centre and consists of over 80 stores. The newly built centre has a diversity of shops for all ages, plus restaurants and coffee shops. It’s a great place to bring the kids for a couple of hours. There is also a fitness centre and an ATM there.

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DS Skibladner is Norway`s oldest ship in operation and it is the world`s oldest steam ship in scheduled traffic. The skip runs on Mjøsa, starting from Gjøvik, stopping places like Hamar, Brumunddal and Lillehammer.

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Climbing park

Domkirkeodden climbing park is a park with a historical view, as well as being next to the lake Mjøsa. The trails have different difficulty levels which makes this a fun and challenging activity for both the kids and the adults. 

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Kristin Flagstad museum

As an international opera star, Kirsten Flagstad spent much of her life traveling, with hotel rooms as her home. The need to know that she had her roots somewhere grew bigger. As her place, she chose her birthplace Hamar.

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