Who are we?


Hamar Hostel Vikingskipet opened in 1993, adjacent to the Olympic facility Vikingskipet – built for the Olympic Games in 1994. After the Olympics, the place was run as a hostel without any food service until 1998 when Ole Røhnebæk and Ann Kristin Konradsen took over as owwners.   In 2002, Geir Evensen joined the company as co-owner. The development went quikly the same year and the capacity was expanded with 18 new apartments, new reception, meeting room, kitchen and dining room. During recent times we have renovated several of our rooms.


We emphasize good service and are committed to constantly improving the quality of the product we provide.





Phone: 0047 62 52 60 60
E-mail: post@vikingskipet.no
Visiting adress: Åkersvikvegen 24, 2321 Hamar.